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The Phenom momz club

the experience

Stay up to date and informed with accurate information regarding exposure and recruitment.


-How young is too young to play football

-When is the best time to start and how do you go about finding the correct information? 

- Connect with moms from around the country for support and encouragement

- No matter where you’re from we are here to help.

 -Join a community of moms, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers as they all have a huge impact on the players and the industry.

-Sometimes the women in our players lives are all they have besides their coaches.

-Engage and use your gifts, strengths, and talents to support Phenom student athletes. 

-Phenom Momz help with many aspects of youth sports and school sports.


-Booster Club

-Organizing get-togethers

-Boosting spirit events during the hardest events


-Invest your enthusiam and energy to your Phenom student athlete as well as the other Phenom athletes in our community

-Be a part of one of the best youth sports programs in the industry and make a lasting impact in your community and Phenom Global Sports

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