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Event Bylaws

Bylaws of the Phenom Global Sports Show of Shows Youth Football Championships


Article I: Tournament Registration


Section 1: Verification and Registration

1.1 All players and coaches participating in the tournament must complete mandatory verification through the ZORTS sports registration ID platform.


1.2 The tournament organizers shall provide detailed instructions on how to complete the verification process.


1.3 Only players and coaches with a verified ZORTS sports registration ID will be eligible for participation in the tournament.


Section 2: Parental Consent

2.1 All parents or legal guardians of participating players must sign online documents granting permission for their child's participation in the tournament.


2.2 The tournament organizers shall provide the necessary documents and instructions for online signing.


2.3 Failure to obtain parental consent will result in the player's ineligibility to participate in the tournament.


Section 3: Registration Deadline

3.1 All registrations, including completion of the verification process and submission of required documents, must be completed by November 15th.


3.2 Registrations received after the deadline may be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the tournament organizers.


Article II: Stay to Play Policy


Section 1: Hotel Accommodations

1.1 This tournament operates under a stay to play policy, meaning team parents and fans are required to stay within the designated discounted hotel block.


1.2 The tournament organizers will provide a list of approved hotels, along with the booking instructions and discounted rates.

1.3 Staying within the approved hotel block ensures convenience and helps create a unified and enjoyable experience for all participants.


Section 2: Charges for Non-Compliance

2.1 Participants who do not stay within the designated discounted hotel block will be subject to a charge of $125 per participant.


2.2 The charge will be assessed directly to the non-compliant participant.


2.3 Non-compliant participants may be deemed ineligible to participate in future tournaments organized by Phenom Global Sports Show of Shows.


Article III: Hospitality and Services


Section 1: Red Carpet Treatment

1.1 The tournament organizers are committed to providing excellent hospitality and services to all teams, guests, and fans.


1.2 Each hotel within the designated discounted hotel block is dedicated to rolling out the red carpet and ensuring a positive experience for tournament participants.


Section 2: Additional Amenities

2.1 The tournament organizers will provide information about additional amenities and services available at the designated hotels, such as dining options, recreational facilities, and transportation arrangements.


2.2 Participants are encouraged to take advantage of these amenities to enhance their overall tournament experience.


Article IV: Amendments


Section 1: Amendment Procedure

1.1 These bylaws may be amended by the tournament organizers at their discretion.

1.2 Any proposed amendments must be communicated to all registered participants in a timely manner.


1.3 Participants will be provided with an opportunity to provide feedback or raise concerns regarding proposed amendments.


Section 2: Effective Date

2.1 Amendments to these bylaws shall become effective immediately upon notification to the registered participants, unless otherwise specified.


Article II: Age Eligibility


Section 1: Age Cutoff


1.1 The age cutoff for all age groups is August 1st.

1.2 Players whose birthdays fall after August 1st will be considered for the next appropriate age level.


1.3 For example, if a player's birthday is in mid-August and falls past the August 1st cutoff, they must play at the next appropriate age level.


1.4 If a team's roster features one or more players with birthdays past the August 1st cutoff, the team must play at the next appropriate age level for fairness and competition.


1.5 In the 13U level, players with birthdays past the August 1st cutoff will not be allowed to participate or may be subject to review by tournament executive officials


Tournament format and game time


This official tournament format is hereby established as a legally binding agreement for all participating teams. The tournament will be conducted in a single-elimination playoff format, wherein the number of entries shall determine the number of rounds and the requisite number of victories each team must achieve to earn the title of champion.


Each game within the tournament shall comprise two halves, each lasting 20 minutes, with a 10-minute halftime break. The game clock shall operate continuously, except during the last two minutes of each half, during which it shall halt for first downs and out-of-bounds plays. There shall be no play clock, and the game clock shall commence immediately upon putting the ball into play. It is hereby confirmed that each team shall be permitted a total of 3 timeouts per half during the games.


By participating in the tournament, all teams acknowledge and agree to abide by this tournament format in a fair and sportsmanlike manner. Any disputes arising from the application of this format shall be resolved in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the tournament.


Rules and Regulations for American Youth Football Tournament:


1. Football size per age group:

   - 7U & 8U: Pee Wee size football (9 inches)

   - 9U & 10U: Junior size football (10 inches)

   - 11U & 12U: Intermediate size football (11 inches)

   - 13U: Official size football (12 inches).


2. All teams are required to bring their own football for the tournament.


3. Each team must write their team's name on their footballs and request them back after their game from the Referee or Official in charge of the game.


4. Each team will be allowed to have at least one football on the sideline during the game.


5. In case of any dispute on the condition or validity of a team's football, the Referee or Official will make the final decision.


6. All participants are expected to uphold high standards of sportsmanship and fair play throughout the tournament.


7. In case of any infraction of the rules or regulations, penalties and/or disqualification may be enforced by the Organizing Committee.


8. All teams must provide their own equipment, including helmets, pads, and uniforms.


9. The tournament organizers will provide football fields, officials, and necessary medical personnel.


10. All participants (players, coaches, and parents) must adhere to all COVID-19 protocols and guidelines set forth by local and state health authorities.


Official Show Of Shows Football Tournament Footbal Size Shart For Nike Football s 


*Size 6 – Pee-wee, ages 9 and younger

*Size 7 – Junior, ages 10 - 12

*Size 8 – Youth, ages 12 -14

*Size 9 – Official, approved for High School, Collegiate and Pro use


Official Show Of Shows Football Tournament Footbal Size Shart For Wilson Football s 


*Youth size for ages 12 - 14: Wilson TDY Leather Game Youth Football


*Junior size for ages 9 -12: Wilson TDJ Leather Game Youth Football


*Pee Wee size for ages 6 - 9: Wilson K2 Pee Wee Leather Game Football


1. Eligibility: Only teams that have competed in a youth football league during the current season are eligible to participate in the tournament and all players must be registered with that league.


2. Age Restrictions: The tournament is open to youth football teams in the following age groups: 7U, 8U, 9U 10U, 11U, 12U, and 13U. The age restriction for each team will be based on the player's age as of August 1st of the current calendar year.


3. Tournament Format: The tournament will consist of a single-elimination playoff format. The number of entries will determine the number of rounds and the number of games each team must win to be crowned the champion.


4. Original Rosters Only: Each team must field a roster composed of players who have played with that team during the current season. No player may be added to a team’s roster after the tournament has officially begun.


5. Game Schedule: Each team will play on a predetermined schedule provided by the tournament’s organizing committee.


6. Field Dimensions: Games will be played on regulation-sized football fields.


7. Game Rules: Games will be played according to standard youth football rules with some exceptions. The tournament director reserves the right to alter any rule that he or she deems necessary.


8. Uniforms: Each team must have matching uniforms with a unique number displayed on the front and back of the uniform.


9. Conduct: All players, coaches, and spectators must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner both on and off the field. Any player, coach, or spectator who violates this rule may be subject to expulsion from the tournament.


10. Code of Ethics: All participants of the tournament shall abide by the Code of Ethics of Phenom Global Sports Show of Shows. 


11. Disqualification: Any team found in violation of any of the above rules may be disqualified from the tournament at the discretion of the tournament director.


Safety at the facility


In order to prioritize safety for everyone involved, including the staff of Phenom Global Sports, executive staff members, fans, participating student athletes, and the wider community in Goldsboro, North Carolina, we kindly request that all individuals entering the facility during the game adhere to the following bag policy: all bags must be clear and transparent, allowing complete visibility, to ensure that no potentially harmful foreign objects are brought into the facility. Additionally, please note that all personal belongings are subject to random search by law enforcement officials. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding these safety measures during the highly anticipated event, the Show of Shows, Football and Cheer Classic.


Legal Statement for Military Discount


This legal statement ("Statement") applies to all participants and teams registering for the Phenom Global Sports Show Of Shows Football & Cheer Classic ("Event") in Goldsboro, NC. By participating in the Event, you ("Participant" or "Team") agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Statement, which shall be binding and enforceable with no room for interpretation or deviation.


Eligibility: Participation in the Event is open to teams for football and cheer comprised of military dependents. To qualify for the benefits stated in this Statement, a minimum of 60% of the team's roster must consist of military dependents.


Registration Rebate Discount: Teams meeting the eligibility requirements mentioned in Section 1 shall be entitled to receive a 10% registration rebate discount. This discount will be provided 15 business days after the Event in the form of a Visa debit gift card. The discount is non-transferable and may only be used by the registered Team or Participant.


Proof of Military Dependence: During the registration process, Participants must provide proof of their military dependence by presenting their dependent military ID along with their Zorts player card. Failure to provide valid proof may result in disqualification from the discount program and forfeiture of any associated benefits.


Contact for Program Details: For further information and details regarding the operation of this discount program, please contact us directly. Our contact information can be found on the Event's official website or through other designated communication channels.


Amendments: Phenom Global Sports reserves the right to amend or modify any aspect of this Statement, including the eligibility criteria and discount terms, at its sole discretion. Any amendments or modifications will be communicated to Participants through the Event's official channels. Participants shall be bound by such amendments or modifications upon notification.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction: This Statement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of North Carolina, USA. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Statement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in the state of North Carolina.


By participating in the Event, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in this Statement. You further acknowledge that this Statement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Phenom Global Sports regarding your participation in the Event, superseding any prior agreements or understandings, whether written or oral.


We hope these rules and regulations will help make the Phenom Global Sports Show of Shows youth Football Championship Tournament a fun, fair, and competitive event for all participants.

On-Field Tournament Rules

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