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The Phenom exposure

the experience

Skill - The expert coaching staff helps athletes develop
advanced football skills and football IQ.

Performance - Top athletes develop the ability to sprint faster,
move quicker, jump higher, and play stronger using science
backed protocols and specialized sports equipment.

Phenom Athletes will prove to be more prepared for summer
college camp season and the fall high school season thanks to
the extra work provided at Phenom. This separates our athletes
from the competition when it comes to administ
ering college

Phenom Global Athletes - participate on elite level 9v9 travel teams, make trips regionally and nationally to perform in front of college coaches and elite level tournaments that showcase our skill position & lineman against top competition.

Phenom Global Sports - works alongside some of the best sports
marketing brands to help with exposure avenues from sports testing, recruiting consultants, ACT/SAT, NCAA Clearinghouse. Phenom is also positioned to find student-athletes NAIA opportunities.

Phenom Global College - offers bus tours to ensure our
student-athletes are getting the opportunity to visit colleges to explore academic opportunities as well as getting in front of top coaches because of the skills they possess on the gridiron.

Club 9v9 Tournaments - Phenom provides access to a competitive
9v9 schedule.

In-House 9v9 League - Phenom in-house leagues offers a chance for younger athletes to fine tune their skills during the spring and face top regional talent.

Phenom Media - Working with major exposure outlets on a youth and high school level with write-ups, features, and live stories.

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